Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Backdoor Wreath

Mossy Monogram Wreath

I figured it was time to update the backdoor wreath from my winter Fresh Cedar Monogram Wreath to a Mossy Spring Wreath.


I started by removing the wire from around the letter form and removing the cedar clippings.  I would have loved to use sheet moss (because it’s cleaner, greener, and just easier to use) however, sheet moss is pretty expensive. (or I’m just cheap?!?!) 

I found a bag of moss that looked pretty good at Wal-Mart for around $2 a bag.  It took just over one bag and several glue sticks to cover the letter.   What a bargain! 

I don’t know about sheet moss, but the moss that I use, every time I moved it bits would fall off.  In order to prevent me sweeping the floor every time someone opened and closed the door,  I applied a quick over-spray of glue adhesive and then pressed down.  Once it’s dry it won’t be sticky.  I even thought about using hairspray!  But I use a very light weight hairspray…. if only I had something like Aqua-Net hairspray!!  Nothing can get through that stuff!  Remember the 80’s and big hair Do’s???  ha ha

Can you see the problem?   It’s kind of hard to  see the mossy letter against the black door. 

Spring Moss Letter

In the prop shop (aka “the attic”), I dug around and found this old chipped up gold frame.   I know…. If you have read Dittle Dattle for any length of time you know I am NOT a fan of the color blue.  {I will explain the color later this week}  But technically it’s not IN my house…. Right?  lol

 Spring Framed Mossy letter

I snagged a butterfly off the front door Wreath.

Framed Letter Wreath

I used a ribbon covered wire to hang the wreath.  I’m not sure how others have addressed the problem of having a frame swing from side~to~side when the door in opened or closed, but I used a small dab of low-temp glue to hold it place.  I thought about two-sided tape but worried that it would pull off the paint.   The low-temp glue might also pull of the paint.  I guess I’ll find out the next time I change the wreath!

Adding color to mossy letter Wreath

The stark white background bothers me a bit.  I really wanted to add some chicken wire over the white background for add texture, but couldn’t find my stash.  I pulled out some scrapbook paper and slipped it in the back just to see if a little color and pattern would help.  What do you think?  Leave it alone or add some color?

PS.  I have had a few request about more information on my font notebook.  I will be sharing a post soon on that.  Thanks for the interest.



  1. Really cute. I have lots of frames.

  2. What a beautiful wreath and love the colors all combined. Very Spring-y! :)

  3. I reall like it Carrie! SPRING! :)

    Oh, I made my mesh wreath, come on over to my blog and check it out! :)

  4. Love it! What a nice change for spring! Great idea using the spray adhesive. I happen to have some super strength hair spray(from Big Sexy Hair) in my arsenal. I pull that stuff out about 3 times a year when I want a curl to stay in my hair. Any humidity in the air, and my hair goes pin straight. I've never thought of using it in crafting, though. Maybe I should move it from my Masterbath, to my craft room. Hmmmm. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Very pretty Carrie...I love the frame color too.

  6. Too stinkin' cute, Carrie! I love the blue frame popping against your door, too. Another creative inspiration by Carrie! Hugs, Becca

  7. Such a wonderful idea, Carrie!! I will have to make one! =) XOXO ~Liz

  8. Love this....I am overwhelmed with the urge to do spring projects, but I know that it is 4-6 more weeks of snowy here in MN =(

  9. I love it. the slight changes make it look that much better!

  10. just found ur blog - newest follower - hope u can follow back

    this is SUCH a cute idea - i wanna make this - i LOVE intials!

  11. Carrie this is so pretty!! I loved how you made it "Springy" :) The paper is pretty and I love the color of the frame!

  12. I adore this idea! The blue frame looks great against the door.
    I would like to make one of these but I'm afraid the wind we get would tear it to bits! Maybe something for the inside of the house.
    thank you, for sharing this cute idea.

    have a happy day~ L

  13. I didn't even realize that was a frame until I looked at it closer! What a great idea...I have so many frames I can't bare to throw away that the glass has broken from. I'm totally taking this idea and running with it!!!

    thanks for sharing ;)

  14. This is presh!!!! I love the pink and blue... very spring!!!! Don't change it, move to another project. :)


  15. This is DARLING! I saw this on one of the linky parties but clicked away from the page accidentally and have spent the last hour blog hopping trying to see where I found it... I am so gonna adapt this idea for my front porch wreath. Darling!!! I love the scrapbook paper BTW, defintely adds another pop of spring color. Fabulous!

  16. So cute Carrie!! I love how this turned out!!The frame is a great idea- and such a pretty color! :)

  17. Im CRAZY about this "Wreath"!!! Its so Pretty!

    Thank you for linking this up at Whassup Wednesday! I hope to see you again this week :) Great Post!



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